Jambo! We are Snelly and Darsh...

At the end of 2015 both Darsh and I qualified as Personal Trainers and launched Movement- Evolution (www.movementevolution.co.uk) our own fitness business. Since we have immersed deeper into movement based fitness and are now both qualified yoga instructors in Asthanga and Vinyasa Flow and certified Animal Flow Instructors.

Through experiences we have learnt not to interfere too much in what the universe throws at us and instead take on opportunities that allow us to progress physically, spiritually and mentally. We hope to inspire you with things we have done but also share messages from people that have inspired us in so many areas in our lives – Wildfitness, The Minimalists, the Happy Pear, Parkour Generations, Ido Portal, Dada Bhagwan Foundation are just to name a few.

Our philosophy:

Eat right, move light, live bright and reach new heights!


Eat Right - we were born to eat real food so load up on vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds just as nature intended us to. Giving up processed and refined foods will unleash your palate to experience a world of flavours! And eat dark chocolate and drink good wine or brandy. Just because. Nothing, no medicine, no supplement, no botox jab or beauty serum will make you feel, think or look as good as real food can!


Move Light – Move well and often, with intensity, skill and playfulness. Our bodies are designed to explore and endure lots of natural movement patterns such as running, fighting, swimming, lifting and playing. We try and give everything a go and have fun doing it, and strive to be generally good at everything rather than specially good at one thing!


Live Bright - Be kind to others, kind to yourself and kind to the planet we live on! We play, immerse ourselves in nature, hike, climb, dive…all in pursuit of pure exuberance. Do more of the things that make you happy and find the courage to ditch the things that don't. Live mindfully, compassionately and spontaneously. 


Reach new heights – There is no time to sit still, strive to be a better you. You can't get to the top unless you get off your bottom. So do something that challenges you or excites you, step outside your comfort zone, give something back perhaps.

So here is to embracing a healthy body, a conscious mind and an inspired spirit!