Grain Free Granola

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We have always been vegetarian. But in a big way we believe in embracing natural, unadulterated foods and eliminating the crap - the refined stuff, the artificial additives, the preservatives and the chemicals.


During a Wildfitness session in 2015 in Hampstead Heath we were introduced to a new (old) way of thinking. We loved the philosophy so much we decided to pursue the Coaches Training that took place over 5 days in Spain. Nutrition was explored in a lot more detail. Since, I have been very interested in the subject and have recently completed reading "In Defence of Food: The Myth of Nutrition and the Pleasures of Eating" by Michael Pollan who talks about how our food choices directly impact upon global issues like food equality and sustainability. A love affair with whole, natural, real foods has seriously taken hold - eating clean is tasty, affordable and immensely beneficial and positive, for the ecology of our bodies and our planet.


I struggled with weight throughout university and for years after. But I've never been a fan of diets and never tried one. Instead I’ve switched to eating ‘wholefoods’ and now we eat loads of leafy greens, vegetables of all sorts, beans, lentils, complex natural carbs, nuts and seeds with the occasional serving of grass fed, organic dairy. When I started embracing a wholefoods lifestyle and moving away from quick fix workouts (that promise you will shed xkg in 30 days), I stopped counting calories or obsessing over the bathroom scales because eating real and moving often created for me an internal balance and nourished lifestyle completely naturally.


We know what it feels like to be tired, run down, out of steam and subsequently how it can affect your body, your mood, your relationships, your work and life. With the changes we have made we feel great and have never felt better. We feel compelled to share with you what this type of eating can also do for you.