My Story..... Morzine 2016

Being back a couple of weeks, my body is still recovering, my mind is slowly coming to terms with what I experienced.

I now reflect on the week in Morzine with #parkourgenerations and share with you the most #challenging, #legendary and #incredible experiences of my life…

We booked Morzine having been introduced to #parkour last summer. I had spoken to a few that had been on the training camp previously and that had somewhat prepared me for what was to come – training, food, rest, repeat but not just each day, a few times a day, don’t be late to a session or the whole group pays etc. etc.

The challenges, training, skills and games kicked off. I was determined to give it my all but my ultimate aim was to survive the week #injuryfree. Although pre-warned about the hardship, I was certainly not prepared for what my body was going to go through…

The early morning sessions were grueling, the skill sessions were fun and intense, the challenges were mind-blowing, the night missions were scary. The days were long ranging from 8-12 hours of training and there was absolutely no hint, warning or sign of what the day had in store for us.

I wanted to keep up, I know that getting through the week was just as much a mental challenge as it was a physical challenge. I was not competing with anyone else, my aim was to stay focussed. I focused on putting my mental energy into each training session at a time – into every #jump, #crawl, #roll, #vault, #lift, #challenge. There were countless moments when I thought I don’t know if I can…. Sometimes I looked into my own eyes and #fear, #sweat and #fatigue took over me and clouded my thinking, #vision and every #movement. And then, with #courage, self-care and belief I managed to find myself again.

I survived the week! But far more superior is the impact the week and the training has had on me… I had a desire to become better at parkour going into Morzine but left with my body and mind aligned. Three weeks on this is certainly having a carry on effect into every aspect of my life. I am better at facing any challenge put in front of me. I embrace #life and whatever it has to offer – good, bad, small or big. Take it head-on and head strong!

Thank you to the coaches Shirley, Blaine and Andy who I so much respect and admire. You are phenomenal! Thank you to my better half Darshan who was by my side the entire week and lifted me up both in spirit and literally :)

I’ll be back Morzine… until next time….