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"Thanks Snelly and Darsh for a great session in the woods. Great workout with really unique and inventive approach."

Rachel, Dublin


"Great class, loved being outdoors and also testing parts of my body that don’t get used when using the gym."

Neil, Stanmore


"These sessions make you see exercise in a different light. Exercise has never been more fun and exciting and I wouldn’t miss them for the world."

Krishnagar, Harrow


"Before starting my D of E training with Movement Evolution I was never a fan of doing fitness volunterally, but with the sessions I've realised that fitness can be really fun and I have also noticed an improvement in my stamina and general fitness levels! 

You've actually achieved the miracle of making me enjoy exercise."

Anjali, Harrow


"I really enjoyed the class, particularly using the sticks as it was fun and different. The primal movements were good too, I had no idea I would be able to do that. Much more fun and friendly than gym classes."

Fiona, Acton


"I really enjoyed the session. I must say I have never done anything like this before."

Stephane, Hampstead


"I look forward to an early start every Sunday morning to discover what new boundaries I can cross; the sense of achievement these sessions have given me is one of the best feelings! There are always new, exciting activites and games and a great deal of motivation from Snehal and Darsh."

Disha, Harrow